I was born and raised in Ames Iowa. My wife and I have a small acreage just outside of Ames. I currently manage operations for a company at a local Ames warehouse. I enlisted in the IA ARNG Infantry in 2006. I attended Iowa State University and the ROTC, graduating in 2009. I commissioned as an Infantry Officer in the IA ARNG and am still enjoying my time in the military.

I have always enjoyed pushing myself physically. The military always gave me an opportunity to try new physically demanding things such as Combatives, Air Assault School, and climbing mountains overseas. I used to be a gym rat at the local fitness center without any coaching or goals and I’d workout 5-6 times a week. I considered myself to be in decent shape but was only good at pushing myself so far.

In 2017 my wife wanted to try out the local Crossfit gym and I tagged along to try it out. I learned that Crossfit goes beyond intense workouts and improving physical health – the coaches and programs helped my form, increased my flexibility, and bettered my overall health. I now enjoy helping people understand the important mechanics of everyday movements and helping them to achieve success on their road to a healthier life.