Cara Hove

  • Coach / Owner
  • CF Level 1 Trainer
  • BA Sports and Health Sciences

I grew up in Lake City Iowa, where I was a small town farm girl who played sports and worked on the farm until graduation. After graduation I enlisted in the United States Army.  After my initial training I went to Airborne school and got a chance to understand what fitness really was.  I have been in the military for 19 years with 3 deployments and have spent many hours working out and helping my Soldiers improve their own individual fitness.  While serving, I received my Bachelors degree in Sports and Health Sciences.  Heath and I have 3 kiddos; Josie, Kaden and Callen who love being at the gym and working out with us!

I discovered CrossFit when I was in Afghanistan with Heath. I had always stayed away from CrossFit because I had heard people say that it was bad for your body and that you would get hurt. Heath talked me into trying it and I was hooked! One thing I love the most about CrossFit is the community.  I don’t know of many other gyms where you get consistent coaching, motivation, and free high 5’s after the workout!  I love working out, coaching and getting people to see what they are really capable of.  The best part is when you push someone to do something they didn’t think they could do; the look of success on their face is priceless! Can’t wait to see you at the box!