August 7-23, 1955

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Hurricane Diane was the costliest Atlantic hurricane of its time, causing $813.7 million in damage. It affected New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, New England, Maryland, New York, & the Mid-Atlantic region.
Why are the Crossfit Workouts named after girls? According to CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman he named the benchmark workouts after girls (in similar way that storms were named after girls) by the National Weather Service. He felt that because these workouts are so physically demanding that they leave you feeling as though a storm hit you.

Diane (Time)

Deadlifts, 225# / 155#
Handstand Push-ups


So, my bad. I forgot to input the rest of today’s programming into Wodify. Please see the next 2 sentences for some very important information. After you complete Diane grab a barbell and go for an 8 minute EMOM of: 5 shoulder press & 5 back squat 35/45#. Focus on the quality of your lift versus how fast you can complete each round.