IRIDIUM CrossFit – CrossFit

Complete 14-20 calories each minute.
Finish the farmers carry in 1-2 sets each round.
Take no more than 1:00 to finish the farmers carry.
Each effort on the rower should be between 80-90% intensity.
Run with the dumbbells.


1 set:

:20 mountain climbers

:20 shoulder taps

:20 double-knee tucks in plank

1:00 calorie row

– Row with an s/m pace fewer than 20.

1 set:

1:00 plank DB pull-throughs

1:00 calorie row

– Row with an s/m pace greater than 30

Skill Work



Sprint start 3-4 hard pulls where the torso moves between leaning forward and vertical, but never back.

Sprint start The legs should almost, but never fully extend during the first 3-4 pulls.

Sprint start Muscle the handle with the arms as much as possible in the initial few pulls.

Sprint start After the 3-4 sprint start pulls, settle into a strong, but steady cadence.

Wod Prep

Every 1:30 for 3 sets:

50-m farmers carry

:20 row

Metcon (Time)


1:00 max calorie row

150-m farmers carry (35/50 lb)

– Complete as many rounds as needed to accumulate 120/150 calories
INT 20/35 lb 100/120 cal

Mod 10/15 lb 65/80 cal


5 sets:

10 pike-ups on rower

:30 double KB front-rack hold

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