• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I am a Masters Athlete (50+) who played football, wrestled and ran track at various points in my life.  I played football until the age of 34, playing with various teams in college and at the semi-pro level afterwards.  I have also been involved in Martial Arts for many years.  I got serious about my studies in 2005 when I joined East Coast Black Belt Academy and started studying American Kenpo, Judo and Shorin Ryu.  I have earned several black belts over the years in all three arts and still work my Kata’s on a regular basis.

I began lifting weights early on in an effort to maintain my strength and conditioning.  In early 2009, I found and started following the programming at the website.  Later in 2009, I joined my first Box on Long Island in NY and have enjoyed every moment since.  In 2012 while visiting Ames, Iowa, I discovered CrossFit West Ames and the wonderful atmosphere that exist at the Box that has now become Iridium CrossFit.  When I moved to Ames permanently in 2013, I knew there was only one decision to make, join this wonderful CrossFit community.

In 2018, after almost a decade in CrossFit, I decided to take the next step and become a CF Level 1 coach.  I plan on pursuing other CrossFit coaching opportunities such as “Be Your Own Bodyguard” and CrossFit Striking to name a few so that I can offer these things in the future at Iridium CrossFit and build upon my training in SPEAR (the basis of Be Your Own Bodyguard) and Martial Arts.