Heath Hove

  • Head Coach / Owner
  • CF L-2 Trainer
  • CrossFit Kids
  • USAW

I grew up in Jewell Iowa, was a small town farm kid who played all sports to escape “work” on the farm for a while. After graduation I enlisted into the National Guard and went off to basic training. This is where I got my first real experience in fitness and what being fit really meant. I spent 22 years in the military with 3 deployments and countless hours spent walking around distant countries carrying sometimes up to 80 or more extra pounds. I also was hired by the Iowa State Patrol during this time and have been there for 20 years now. Testing my knowledge of fitness and what being fit means.

Throughout my professional life I have been pushing my personal fitness boundaries, discovering CrossFit at an Army school in 2007 helped me survive the challenges I faced. I am a Modern Army Combatives Instructor, Level 3, that was a super fun brutal course. It all led to me becoming a CrossFit athlete and a coach. I have taught and instructed in the Army and taken that knowledge to the gym. I love coaching and getting people to push themselves past where they thought they could go. I am married to Cara and we have 3 kids; Josie, Kaden and Callen. We look forward to seeing you at the box and remember, “Iridium CrossFit, the place for Fun, Friendship, and Fitness.”