I am from Greenfield, IA and am studying materials science and engineering at Iowa State University. Before I found CrossFit, I played volleyball and ran a little bit of track, but spent most of my time in a dance studio. I was always told growing up that I looked like a “CrossFitter” (whatever that means), so when I heard of a gym in a nearby town, I decided to try it as preparation for the next track season. Long story short, I fell in love with CrossFit and never ran track again. I started CrossFit when I was 16 and I intend on continuing to do it for as long as physically possible. When I started college, the first thing I did was look for a CrossFit gym, and I was lucky enough to find Iridium.

I enjoy pushing myself to consistently get better, learn new things, and apply them in other aspects of my life. Doing this in a space like Iridium CrossFit is even easier when you’re surrounded by the amazingly supportive community. The bonds created by enduring every workout together make it easier to walk into the gym and look forward to the effort that you put into yourself.