!Friday Try-Day!

IRIDIUM CrossFit – CrossFit

If all your friends are at the gym make some new ones and bring them. This WOD is with a partner!

Metcon (Time)

with a partner complete:

300 m plate carry

30 push press

30 burpees jump onto plate

30 ground to OH

30 front squat

30 push ups

300 m plate carry

rx 45/35# plate, 45/35# barbell,

Metcon (Time)

WOD & Wine with a fellow lady, complete 30 reps of each:

400 m burden carry

med ball over the bar passes

knee raises

air squats

med ball sit ups

db burpee deadlifts

box jumps


400 m burden carry

rx+: 14# mb, toes to bar, pistols, 35# db, 24″ box, 65# thrusters
Switch every 100 m on burden carry. Rx is medball or plate carry. Rx+ is partner carry or loaded barbell.