Coach Scott presents all things CrossFit kettlebell with 2 year anniversary to follow. Feel free to BYO KettleBell.

IRIDIUM CrossFit – CrossFit

Remember this class goes from 0900-1100 and the anniversary party starts at 1130.

Metcon (No Measure)

Kettlebell Course

Iridium CrossFit

Purpose of the two-hour seminar is to help improve the fundamental Kettlebell skills of the participants, regardless of time practicing. Although I would love to focus on the six foundational movements {Swing, Clean, Press, Snatch, Get-up & Squat}, along with a variety of assistance drills, two-hours would not allow us to get in quality time, so we will focus on the exercises most used in CrossFit; Swing, Clean & Jerk, Snatch and quick TGU review. Skills will be taught in line with the theories being used by Strong First and Caveman Training.

Class Structure:

Introduction – 15 minutes

Why Kettlebells?

If it can be done with a barbell (except Back Squats) you can do with a KB

Unilateral to eliminate weaknesses

Explosive Power

Make better at everything

Two of the many styles – No right or wrong

Strong First: The School of Strength– Pavel

Quick and the Dead

Simple and Sinister (10×10 [email protected] then 5 TGU in 10 minutes)

Cavemantraining – Taco Fleur

CrossFit based

KB and Body Weight

Various Challenges

10K Kettlebell Swing Challenge

4 weeks, 5 workouts per week 500 swings per workout

Work Chin-ups, goblet squats, dips or OH Press in.

Beast Tamer & Iron Maiden

3 Events – MP, tactical pull-up, pistol

Men 48kg (106#) women 24kg (53#)

Swing – foundation for all – 20 – 25 minutes

American vs. Russian – Who’s, more right?

The various Swing variations

Conventional hip hinge swing

Squat swing

Hardstyle swing

American swing

Double-arm swing

Single-arm swing

Alternating swing

Break – 5 Minutes

Clean & Jerk {Press} – 20 Minutes

Single & Double


Snatch – 20 minutes

Kettlebell Exercise: 1-Arm Swing Snatch.

1-Arm Deadstart Snatch Kettlebell Exercise.

Kettlebell One Arm Rotational Snatch.

Double Kettlebell Snatch.

Break – 5 Minutes

TGU review – 10 Minutes

Metcon (Time)

RAMPAGE (Destruction & Construction)

10 Min AMRAP of:

4 Kettlebell dead snatches

1 reverse TGU


10/10 TGU

100 Half Snatches

RX 26/35

RX+ 35/53