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Build overhead strength in the push press while improving the torso position and keeping the heels down during the dip.
Work up to 5 moderately heavy push presses during the warm-up sets and stay there for all 5 sets.
Consider staying at or above 75% for all sets.
If you start too light and don’t feel the physical need to rest 2:00 between sets, consider performing a sixth set.
Rest 2:00-3:00 minutes between sets.


4 sets:

:30 row, bike, or ski (sub single-under speed steps for machines)

:10 rest

:30 lunge variations

:10 rest

:30 muscle clean and press

:10 rest



Strict press setup

Dip and hold

Dip, pause and drive slowly

Dip, pause and drive fast

Dip and drive fast

Push press Lock out your legs and hips before pressing.


4-5 warm-up sets:

5 push presses

Push Press (5-5-5-5-5)

+75% of 1RM for all sets


5 sets for reps:

:50 bar-facing burpees

:10 rest

Cool Down

3 sets:

:30 reach, roll, and lift

20 banded pull-aparts

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