IRIDIUM CrossFit – CrossFit

Complete the entire workout on a 32:00 clock.
Complete 1 set of bench press every 2:00.
Build to a heavy set of 5 and 3. Then, build to a 1-rep max.
Complete the final set at the 16:00 mark, then take 4:00 to clean up and transition to the run.
Start the run at the 20:00 mark and aim for a new PR.


1 set:

200-m run (slow)

:30 arm swings across

:30 banded pull-aparts

:30 tempo push-ups

200-m run (fast)



Bench press setup Points Of Performance:

Set the bar up at wrist height when laying flat on the bench.

Hands outside shoulder width.

Slight back arch with pressure through the heels, hips, shoulders, and head.

Position yourself on the bench so that the bar is above the eyes.

Shoulders retracted back and down, into the bench, always.

Bench press execution:

Set the heels and hips, roll the shoulders under with a slight arch in the back.

Deep breath, un-rack bar W/OUT protracting shoulders & settle bar over sternum).

Adjust shoulders if needed, exhale & take deep breath, then lower bar down to sternum

Touch chest gently, then press up by squeezing the bar hard, exhale during the ascent.

Take a deep breath between each rep and repeat the process for every rep, every set.

Wod Prep


On a 6:00 clock:

3-4 sets:

5 bench presses

Metcon (Time)


On a 32:00 clock:

From 0:00-18:00:

For load:

Bench press


Perform 1 set every 2:00.

Rest 2:00

From 20:00-32:00:

For time:

Run 1 mile
Mod distance: From 20:00-32:00:

For time:

Run 1,000 m

1-Mile Run (Time)

Max Effort 1-Mile Run

Cool Down

3 sets:

:30 reach, roll, and lift

30 banded pull-aparts

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