IRIDIUM CrossFit – CrossFit

All sets as heavy as possible.
Move through the largest range of motion possible.
Build to a new 3-rep weighted pull-up if feeling good.
Keep the volume low with 22.1 coming up.


50-ft each for speed:

Bear crawl

Walking lunge

Up-down + broad jump

Backward bear crawl

Crab walk

Log roll

Side shuffle

Backward run


While the rest of the team holds:

Bottom of the squat

High plank

Wall sit

Low plank

Stands on one leg

Samson lunge hold

Side plank

Sumo squat

Wod Prep

1 set:

10 scorpions

10 arm swings across

10 arm swings overhead

10 scap pull-ups

Skill Work


:20 hollow hold

5 tempo ring rows

2 x :10 chin-over-bar hold

2 pull-up negatives

3-5 strict pull-ups

3 weighted pull-ups

Weighted Pull-ups (3-3-3-3-3)


8 sets for reps:

:20 ring dips

– Rest :10

Cool Down

2-3 sets:

:30 doorway stretch/side

:30 banded shoulder stretch/side

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