IRIDIUM CrossFit – CrossFit

Aim to get 8-12 rounds in this workout.
Each round should take around 1 minute give or take 15 seconds.
Advanced athletes are pushing the pace from beginning with little strategy in mind other than moving fast.
Testing midline endurance during the pre workout skill.
Remember “max” doesn’t mean till failure. To be consistent over the 2 rounds you will need to leave a few reps in the tank.


1 set:

:30 pvc pipe pass through.

:30 pvc pipe around the world.

:30 good mornings

:30 box step-ups.

:30 hang from the pull-up bar.

:30 hollow hold

1 set:

:30 pvc pipe pass through.

:30 pvc pipe around the world

:30 good mornings

:30 box step-ups.

:30 kip swing.

:30 hollow hold

Skill Work


Spend 1:00-2:00 at each step.


Kip swing

2 kip swings + 1 kip

2 kip swings + 1 pull up

2 Kip swings + 1 pull-up + 2 kip swings

Multiple pull-ups


The goal is to push very close to failure but leave a few reps in the tank so you can have a successful second set. Keep track of what time you finished and rest exactly 3 minutes until start next set.

Wod Prep

1 set

8 pull-ups

6 sit-ups

4 burpee step overs

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


8 pull-ups

6 ab mat sit-ups

4 burpee box step-overs (16/20 in)
Modify to ring rows and height of box.

Cool Down

1 set:

1:00 doorway pec-stretch/side

1:00 PVC Cuban presses

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